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Along with our ability to store close to 9,000 megawatt-hours of electricity generated by offshore wind, solar, and other renewable resources–enough to keep the lights on for 300,000 New England homes for a day–Northfield Mountain is prized by the New England grid operator for our ability to generate emergency power in a matter of minutes. The National Hydropower Association’s “Path to Clean Energy” newsletter recently highlighted the critical role Northfield Mountain, and a second Western Massachusetts pumped-storage hydro facility, Bear Swamp, fulfilled on April 1 when a major nuclear power plant suddenly went offline. Thanks to the clean, abundant hydroelectric power our facilities could begin generating almost instantaneously, the newsletter noted, “the lights throughout the region didn’t even flicker.” As the editors write, not only is Northfield Mountain an important electric resource for maintaining grid reliability and providing substantial emergency reserves, “pumped storage hydropower is also used to smooth out variations in wind and solar generation. As New England transitions towards a clean energy economy, pumped storage hydropower will continue to be an essential resource to keep the lights on.”

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