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FirstLight strives every day to create a positive impact in the communities we call home. The land and waterways where our projects are located are already important economic drivers to area communities, but we also believe in doing our part to be a good neighbor and deliver additional benefits to local people, families, businesses, and communities.

We collaborate with and provide financial assistance to local environmental, educational, and public safety organizations to maintain and improve the local environment.

FirstLight has a long history of giving back to the community. In addition to our hands on approach to giving back through volunteering and community service, we’ve proudly supported countless public safety initiatives, placemaking efforts, essential services providers, workforce development programs, environmental education programs, local festivals and celebrations, and more. In the Spring of 2023 FirstLight launched FirstLight Sustains, building on our longstanding legacy of giving to organizations and activities that support the communities around our facilities. The grant program provides an equitable process whereby qualified, reputable, and capable organizations can apply for and receive funding for activities and projects that meet the goal of improving the quality of life in those communities.


We are proud to employ more than 200 employees, many of which are proudly unionized. We have built a strong leadership group, and we are actively seeking additions to our team who are passionate about the clean energy industry and shaping the future.

Our FirstLight family works together to advance our mission to accelerate the decarbonization of the electric grid by supporting the development, operation, and integration of our renewable energy and storage assets to deliver an electric system that is clean, reliable, affordable, and equitable.

Purpose, Vision and Mission

FirstLight is a leading clean power producer, developer, and energy storage company serving North America.

With a diversified portfolio that includes over 1.6 GW of operating renewable energy and energy storage technologies and a development pipeline with 4+ GW of hydro, solar, battery, onshore and offshore wind projects, FirstLight specializes in hybrid solutions that pair hydroelectric, pumped-hydro storage, utility-scale solar, large-scale battery, and wind power assets.

Our mission is to accelerate the decarbonization of the electric grid by supporting the development, operation, and integration of renewable energy and storage to meet the world’s growing clean energy needs and deliver an electric system that is clean, reliable, affordable, and equitable.

Building upon our industry-leading experience in operating large-scale renewable energy and storage assets, FirstLight’s vision and commitment to leading the energy industry transformation makes us uniquely positioned to navigate rapidly evolving market conditions and grow our portfolio in North America in the years ahead.

Research and Education

Driven by the need to mitigate climate change, safeguarding the environment is central to our mission.

To ensure our projects are leaving as little environmental impact as possible, we’ve executed comprehensive study and research over the years to drive upgrade plans, investment decisions and inform our operations.


For decades, our clean energy projects have been delivering clean, safe, reliable electricity to communities across North America.

Our projects have a rich history in their home communities. They are engineering marvels, economic drivers providing good paying union jobs, and create public spaces for gathering and recreation.


FirstLight continues to build a diverse, talented team to create the future we envision.

We are proud of our deep roots in the regions where we work. Many of our operating facilities were installed over 100 years ago, keeping alive the legacy of the local workers who built and operated them for decades.

But the real magic of FirstLight lies in our people — we would not be where we are today without our thoughtful, committed, and hard-working team.

We welcome inquiries from the media, questions about our projects and recreation spaces, and gladly engage curiosity about our mission, vision, and more.

Contact us for media inquires and interview requests.