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Need a Permit?

If you own property along one of the lakes or rivers that FirstLight operates, then the likely answer is yes.

FirstLight is required by the federal government to manage shoreline property as part of its licenses issued by the federal government, which are required to operate hydropower stations. The project boundaries include lands that FirstLight must own or control for station operations, often consisting of areas where we move water up or down within a specific elevation along the shoreline. Within the project boundaries, FirstLight manages shoreline uses such as the installation of docks and seawalls (among many others) to balance many interests including power generation, environmental protection, flood control, irrigation, and public recreation.

As such, it is FirstLight’s responsibility to manage its lands and waters by reviewing and approving anything that might affect those operations.

Connecticut Permits

If you own property on Candlewood Lake, Lake Lillinonah, Lake Zoar, or along the Housatonic River north of Lake Lillinonah to the Massachusetts border then please review our handbook.

Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont Permits

The lands and waters of the Turners Falls and Northfield Mountain Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Projects include over 4,000 acres around Northfield Mountain Station and along the Connecticut River between the dams at Turners Falls, MA and Vernon, VT.

A permit is required for any use or alteration of Project lands including, cutting trees, clearing brush, landscaping, building a dock, withdrawing water for irrigation, and other utility or municipal uses. To obtain a permit, please follow the process below:

  1. Contact Land Management Administrator to determine if the desired use is consistent with FirstLight land management goals and the FERC required Permit Program.
  2. If a permit will be issued for the use, submit information needed for preliminary FirstLight consent.
  3. Obtain federal, state and local permits for the planned use and copy FirstLight on all applications and approvals.
  4. A FirstLight permit, called a License Agreement, will then be provided for use of the project lands. Return signed FirstLight License with liability insurance documentation and license fee (if applicable).
  5. Begin use.

We welcome inquiries from the media, questions about our projects and recreation spaces, and gladly engage curiosity about our mission, vision, and more.

Contact us for media inquires and interview requests.